Hi Alfredo

Thanks for the reply. I don't think it's a problem with the sampler, 
as I've been told by someone else that they had problems using the 
S/PDIF I/O for data (rather than audio) transfer too - in fact, it 
was this person who suggested doing the the 20bit-16bit file 
conversion thing to work around the problem. It's possible that the 
Akai S/PDIF implementation is slightly different from the norm, 
although as far as I know most people have no problems backing up 
data to DAT recorders using the Akai's S/PDIF connections. That's 
what makes me think that it must be the Gina at fault.


> Hi Gareth...I am using Gina for mixing to a DA-30, MKII dat recorder, then transfer
> digitally back to my audio editing sequencer (Cakewalk Pro Audio 7.01),  adding some
> mastering...SoundForge, Wavelab...and then back to the DA-30 digital, no problem at
> all...I have heard than some older stuff have some differences into how they
> implement the S/Pdif configurations...i.e., older DA-30s had such limitations and
> one was unable to make digital transfers among the dat recorder and a digital card
> but only if removing some internal jumper, very trickiy stuff only to be  handled
> with a manual at your side...
> In my own case, the dat recorder automatically recognizes 44.1 or 48hz from the
> Gina...Perhaps you should check your sampler ?? Just guessing and trying to help....
> Alfredo
> Gareth wrote:
> > Hi people
> >
> > Just a quick mail to introduce myself to the list. My name's Gareth
> > Metford, I'm in Preston in the UK and I have been using an Event Gina
> > for about 3 months. I've had a fair few problems with it but
> > everything seems to be running pretty smoothly now (fingers
> > crossed!). I'm using a P133/32Mb/3.2Gb, and other equipment in my
> > studio includes an Akai S2800 4Mb w/digital I/O, Novation
> > BassStation, Alesis Quadraverb+ and...that's about it. I was
> > wondering if other Gina users had been having problems
> > performing data transfers using the Gina's S/PDIF I/O? I've been
> > using Wavelab to record data dumps from my sampler, but I've found
> > that the only way to do this effectively is to record the data at
> > 20-bit resolution, then convert it to 16-bit before returning it to
> > the sampler. Someone told me that there is a problem with the Gina
> > S/PDIF input, which involves the last bit of the signal being
> > replaced with a random '0' or '1'. Any further information would be
> > very gratefully received!
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Gareth
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