i get a -90db noise floor on
> my gina, which i consider excellent.  the lucid, by the way had a floor of
> -84db!  not good for a dedicated unit that costs more than one gina card.

The noise floor I get from my Gina's analogue ins seems to be 
variable. When I first got the card it was around -65dB! I sent the 
card back and got a new one, but it was still -65dB. As I wasn't 
using the analogue ins at the time, I didn't worry abut it too much, 
thinking I'd try and sort it out when I needed to use them. Then I 
installed v.3.05, and the noise floor went down to -90.3! That was 
great, but in the last few days it's gone back up to -85ish. Has 
anyone else experienced this sort of variable performance? It's 
making me nervous...

I've also noticed that the noise performance of the analogue ins 
seems to have something to do with what's connected to the digital 
I/O. When my sampler is connected to the gina via S/PDIF, the noise 
floor goes up to around -80dB.

Any ideas?


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