>card back and got a new one, but it was still -65dB. As I wasn't 
>using the analogue ins at the time, I didn't worry abut it too much, 
>thinking I'd try and sort it out when I needed to use them. Then I 
>installed v.3.05, and the noise floor went down to -90.3! That was 

wich goes to show you the card is great, but the software event sent us was
s h i t!  they should have always allowed easy manual adjustment of the
gain/trim.  this auto crap don't cut it.  so thank goodness for 305 driver.

>great, but in the last few days it's gone back up to -85ish. Has 
>anyone else experienced this sort of variable performance? It's 
>making me nervous...

i'm always nervous about something that is an inexpensive as gina.  there
is always a catch somewhere.  in this 85ish range you are getting in can't
say i see that with mine, however my mackie out is about 86 or so on my
gina so i wouldn't worry too much.  still it would be nice to see 90 with
everything turned down eh?  i suggest adjusting the analog line in a couple
more notches.  currently mine is set at -3.  works great after serveral
hours of different stuff coming into my gina via the mackie.

-john pemble
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