Hi,     I've just joined the list. I recently found out about you from the
Akai list along with a few others. Please see introduction below if
        I recently discovered the problem of the right channel lagging 1 sample
out of phase behind the left on the SPDIF input of the Gina. Of course
under normal stereo conditions this makes only a subtle difference but
it's rather less subtle in mono and on a surround system is pretty dire.
        I down-loaded 3.05 which fixed another problem but not this one. 2.05
however fixed both bugs. Someone at Sound on Sound told me that since I
had done this 3.05 had been fixed but I assume it would become 3.06 or
3.05b which it doesn't appear to have on the web site. Does anyone have
any info on this?
I suffered pretty badly from the phase bug having just done a large
ammount of work over the SPDIF inputs when I discovered the problem.
Some of my clients had been complaining about a flatness to the mix
which was difficult to define clearly. We spent quite some time trying
to find out why and in the end discovered that it had only become a
problem since they started taking mixes away on CD. Soon after the Gina
was identified as the source of the fault. I spent two weeks re-doing
work from the previous two months which had been spoilt because it had
all passed through the Gina's digi ins at some point. Has anyone else
suffered badly from this?  
        I spoke to Event who weren't aware of the prob with 3.05: they said
they would speak their techs and get back to me. Then they didn't. 

        I do suggest that unless you are using 2.05c, which I know mends the
problem, you should check a file out that you have input via the SPDIF
(if you use it) by zooming in on peaks or zero crossings and check
whether the L+R are staggered.
        Re. the discussions about getting a 'Pro' quality sound via the Gina:
it gets a hell of a lot more Pro when this bug gets fixed.
        Pardon me, rant over.
By way of introduction: 
        Our base, The Ultimate Brain is a mainly midi oriented studio balancing
between private production and commercial facilities. In general our
better commercial clients slowly become more in-house and our better
in-house projects slowly become more commercially viable.  
        Kit: we use a Mackie 8bus, Akai s3000xl and a healthy selection of
analogue stuff, sequencing on good-old-Atari. A PC was built up recently
for Audio recording/manipulation, hence the Gina. Sequencing duties are
not planned for it but are probably inevitable eventually.
        Music: we produce a broad range of electronic music though naturally a
fair proportion of it is aimed at the dance-floor. Releases include
Techno such as the last (and next) Blu Peter single on REACT, ACID
through labels such as Alien Cops In Disguise, early Chocis Chewns or
Silver Planet and a fair bit of D+B turning up on comps by labels such
as Deviant or Blue Planet. Naturally the best stuff is yet to be
released but if that wasn't the case it would probably be time to pack
it in anyway.
        Geographically: we are based in Kings Cross, London but we use a .com
IPA for a laugh.
        Plugs: People we work as, work with or like lots include: Blu Peter,
Freedom of Sound, LULU + Mr.Smith(clueless), Inki Wan, Sol, Mr. Whippy,
Scrape, Tony Marcus, 12Tree, Filterless, Alien Cops In Disguise, Uplink,
Krass and of course The Ultimate Brain.

                Love from Graham at the Ultimate Brain xxx

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