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>Why is it that problems with digital audio just appear out of nowhere,
>while others seem to fade into the background. Is that Windows 95?

hard to say.  since there are no specific asio drivers for gina / cubasevst
shit happens.

>Anyway I am using Gina with Cubase VST and have noticed one channel of
>audio sometimes stops playing. I am used to audio just not playing at all,
>and needing restarting, but this one is new. If there are 2 channels
>recorded only one of them plays, the other is effectively muted. I have
>tried changing system buffer settings, but the only fix is restarting
>Cubase. Is this a 'loss of contact' with the Gina card? Why only one
>channel goes? Would this be fixed with ASIO drivers?

gosh i hope so.  i haven't had the lost of one channel scenerio, but i have
had it not play the audio when hit play many times.  it's easily remidied
though, hit stop then hit play.  that's chicken shit, but it works.  I also
get my cpu performance freakin out often when i do an overdub.  it just
spikes to the "over" limit onthe performance indicator.  really nuts.
doesn't seem to matter that i have the right amount of ram and processor
and all that.

-john pemble

ktpr public radio operations manager

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