> Anyway I am using Gina with Cubase VST and have noticed one channel of
> audio sometimes stops playing. I am used to audio just not playing at all,
> and needing restarting, but this one is new. If there are 2 channels
> recorded only one of them plays, the other is effectively muted. I have
> tried changing system buffer settings, but the only fix is restarting
> Cubase. Is this a 'loss of contact' with the Gina card? Why only one
> channel goes? Would this be fixed with ASIO drivers?

I had that happen to me the other night. I've also had tracks dissapear, and
also tracks that stop making any sound at all. I think it is a bug in VST
rather than a gina specific problem. I have a friend with a Yamaha ESS
soundcard (quite a cheap one, $25), and he has the same problem from time
to time.

Since there are other VST users out there, I wanted to relate my latest
success with VST driving some external effects. I hooked a guitar fuzz
pedal to one of the gina outputs, and ran the output from the fuzz back into
the gina. Then I set VST up to do a pre-fader send to the box, recorded by
the input. It was kinda cool. I was also able to do realtime monitoring of
the effect. But monitoring through cubase gave me the double-buffer 

What do you have your buffer sizes and number of buffers set to in VST? I've
found I basically have to go with 4096x4 or I get dropouts with a few
effects running. How about you?



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