John Pemple Wrote:

> so, upon installig 308, did it remove all vestiges of 305?  i want no
> haunts of 305, if i go 308 for the real fear of a conflict / illegal
> operation.  i hate it when my computer does illegal operations.  it has
> been escorted in cuffs by the police an average of everyother day.
> honestly, i'm tired of posting bail for my computer... but what can i say?
> i'm in dysfunctunal relationship with my pc.  maybe someday i'll wise up
> and get a good computer op system and hardware like mac, for now i just
> thrive on the abuse my pc give me.  shortly, i'll write a book, go on
> oprah, and help others who were in an abusive computer relationship
> likeme.... that's after my breakdown, abuse of drugs, and suicide attemps.

Heh, I often shut down Windows95 and keep it under lock and key while my
CPU revels in the freedom that Linux gives it. But I can't do my music under
Linux (yet). When 3.05 uninstalled, it went away completely. There's only
five or six files. And installing 3.08 was painless. But I still don't
trust it entirely yet. I've had one mysterious crash so far, and I have
yet to let Windows95 boot up again. :)



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