Hi Trish,

> What is happenning is that it will play the file for anything between 2 secs
> or even much longer, but at some point it will freeze the entire system.
> It doesnt make any difference which outputs I play from.
> I dont seem to have this problem in record mode.

I had a somewhat similar experience when I first installed my GINA due to an
IRQ conflict I thought the GINA would detect and correct for. I have a SCSI
controller in my PC, and the two cards wanted the same IRQ. I had to go into
my BIOS setup and specifically assign IRQs to the various PCI slots. That
cleared up my troubles.

The fact that you can record audio seems to suggest that this is not your
problem, however. If you have a friend with a PC you could try installing
the card there and see if there are any problems with the card. If you get
the same mysterious behavior there, it may be the card is a bad one. Though
that would be the first I've heard of.

> It is using Interrupt 12, which is available, there are no apparent system
> conflicts, the Echo Reporter is happy with the system.

If you have any other free IRQs, you should try those as well. Try setting the
IRQ for the PCI slot in your BIOS, if it is able to do so. I have an AWARD
BIOS and it is capable of assinging IRQs to the PCI slots.

Currently I am running the GINA on IRQ 9, which seems to work quite well. I
can also use IRQ11 without any trouble.

What did Event technical support say might be the problem? Have they offered
any advice? What is your Windows version? Maybe there might be patches to
Windows to help things out? Just a guess.

Good luck!


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