.Hi Neal,

I was hoping you'd reply to this problem, thanks!
I had to go into
>my BIOS setup and specifically assign IRQs to the various PCI slots. That
>cleared up my troubles.

Yes, I did that as well...the fact that it locks up the system solid really
does suggest some sort of conflict...
and it is random, I can play a file for quite awhile before it freezes and
other times it happens immediately - I didnt record for more than a minute
so there is no guarantee it wouldnt have happenned - I will take your
suggestion and force it to accept a different IRQ, see it that solves the
problem. I have a SCSI controller for my 2nd AVI drive so mebbe thats it...
>, it may be the card is a bad one. Though
>that would be the first I've heard of.
I wondered about that but if it had been damaged in transit it wouldnt work
at all, this really sounds like a system conflict  - I'll also try it in
another PC, thanks for that.
>What did Event technical support say might be the problem? Have they
>any advice? .
THey seem like a waste of space, I keep getting robot generated replies
back, they wont answer my spesific question, do you know the email # of an
engineer there who could help?!

Anyhow, thanks for the input!


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