> Well, yes. Nobody has posted anything. :) Don't feel bad, I wish the
> traffic was a little higher too, but I have little time to post anything.

OK, Neal, I understand - thanks!
I guess that Gina is such a great card, whats to complain about!

However,I have a question for the list;

My GIna is working perfectly in the Analogue domain, both for record and
play - no complaints and the quality is great!

However - when transferring to and from Dat in the digital domain, I am
experiencing pops and clicks in the audio - now the strangeness of this
problem is that the greater my .wav amplitude the greater and more frequent
the clicks! On a silent passage it is perfect. This problem happens across
all software platforms. ( I am using it in SAW Plus, CPA and Cool Edit)

Previous to installing Gina I was doing perfect digital transference using
my Adb Multiwav card, no problems like this.

My system is optimised, in fact if it wasnt I am sure I'd be experiencing
this same problem on the analogue side as well, which I am not.
I have disabled the monitor on option on the Gina driver, makes no diff - am
using it in  professional mode, have the same problem when using different
Dat machines -

Anyone else experiencing this same problem?



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