What version of the driver are you using? This sounds like a known
problem with the early drivers. Max level on the spdif input caused a
'wrap around' error as they put it. Try 2.05 available on the web site.
If this is the reason then everthing you have recorded over spdif will
have the stereo channels 1 sample out of phase too which is devastating
to any kind of mono compatability (this includes most surround systems).

T. Bailey wrote:
> > Well, yes. Nobody has posted anything. :) Don't feel bad, I wish the
> > traffic was a little higher too, but I have little time to post anything.
> OK, Neal, I understand - thanks!
> I guess that Gina is such a great card, whats to complain about!
> However,I have a question for the list;
> My GIna is working perfectly in the Analogue domain, both for record and
> play - no complaints and the quality is great!
> However - when transferring to and from Dat in the digital domain, I am
> experiencing pops and clicks in the audio - now the strangeness of this
> problem is that the greater my .wav amplitude the greater and more frequent
> the clicks! On a silent passage it is perfect. This problem happens across
> all software platforms. ( I am using it in SAW Plus, CPA and Cool Edit)
> Previous to installing Gina I was doing perfect digital transference using
> my Adb Multiwav card, no problems like this.
> My system is optimised, in fact if it wasnt I am sure I'd be experiencing
> this same problem on the analogue side as well, which I am not.
> I have disabled the monitor on option on the Gina driver, makes no diff - am
> using it in  professional mode, have the same problem when using different
> Dat machines -
> Anyone else experiencing this same problem?
> Thanks
> Trish

                Love from Graham at the Ultimate Brain xxx

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