Hey - thanks to all those who suggested solutions to my digital clicks
I have the latest drivers, 3.08, even tried it with earlier ones, same
I have tried it with alternating clock source between Internal and S/Pdif  -
no difference.
Now this occurs on straight digital audio transferred from dat to PC before
any editing is done on it so its not from splicing.

Now the clicks are very faint, but are still audible - and there is also a
noted difference in quality between the original audio off the Dat to the
one that I record - there almost seems to be some sort of harshness,
distortion even on the upper frequencies on the PC version - ( my levels are
fine, this is not normal distortion)  I am beginning to wonder whether this
could be some sort of a dither problem on the 16 -> 24bit input converters?

Like I said, I get this problem no matter what Wav Application program I
use so its not generic to any software.
I also notice it seems to only happen when I transfer from Dat to PC, not
the other way around.

Any further suggestions, guys?


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