Hey all, nice to see this listserv is still up.  Nothing like a new driver
or the spdif in clicks that plague this otherwise awesome economical card,

As much as I didn't like it, I quit doing direct digital ins with my Gina's
spdif in back when driver 3x series came out.  The analog input (despite
being unbalanced) amazingly gives a noise floor of -90db.  I have had full
fledged beautiful sounds come in those analog ins and monitored on the
spdif OUT with no click or anything.  Interesting ain't it?

I am using 3.05, and would not mind trying 308 except for fear of losing
the whole thing working fine.  A friend put in the 308 from 205 and had a
complete loss of use for the Gina after the installation.  Eventually that
person got the system working, after a PC pal came over and removed the
308/205 (which apparently were running simultaneously) or something and was
able to get 308 going just fine.  

The way I came to use 305 is it happened that week of it's release last
June my computer underwent a complete system reinstallation and hard drive
upgrade.  So the system never had an earlier driver other than 305.  I am
absolutely scarred shitless to even think of driver 4.0. except I am a
Cubase VST 3.6 user and have been waiting for the bloomin ASIO drivers.
Funny, though I am able to use Cubase rather well with driver 305, but can
imagine 4.0 making it a better experience. 

While I'm keeping all my audio wav files at 16bit, I am somewhat worried
about going with 4.0 since as stated in the event internet page "Note to
users of Cubase VST Version 3.6: The ASIO driver contained in the 4.0
release currently supports 16-bit recording only. "   So does this mean
since Gina is 20bit those 4 bits are truncated or are they dithered?  If
truncated, forget it man.  

So all in all, on those who have dared to go to the 4.0 PC upgrade did you
have a plesant upgrading experience and if you are a VST 3.6 user are you
having analog in trunc cut offs?

-john pemble

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