I think that may be it. I hadn't made the connection before, I thought
it was happening randomly, but now you mention it, I'm pretty certain it
only happens when I switch the PC on independently from my sampler (I
record from the sampler's digital out via the S/PDIF input), after
having made a recording in the previous session. So I guess what's
happening is the Gina is looking for a S/PDIF sync signal that isn't
there. Thanks for the help!

I wonder, though, whether Cool Edit Pro plays any part in this
behaviour? It only seems to take effect after I've been recording with
CEP, and everyone else who has had this problem (some people on the CEP
forum have had it too) seems to have been using CEP. I use Wavelab as
well and, as far as I can recall, I don't think I've ever had this
problem after recording with Wavelab. It does affect Wavelab playback
though. Anyone had this problem with software other than CEP?


>I am using the 3.0.? driver and cooledit 1.1 . To hear what is currently
>being input on the S/PDIF I need to switch the sync mode (bottom of the
>control panel you bring up by double or right clicking the big G at
>right of the windows bar at the bottom) from Internal to S/PDIF. Now if
>I leave it in that position and switch off my DAT deck, gina growls
>at about half speed. Switching back the sync to "internal" immediately
>rectifies the problem.
>Is that your situation?
>Hari Sahasrabuddhe


Gareth Metford

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