I have trouble installing the asio drivers 4.0 for the gina card.
Installing 3.05 goes perfect.The installation procedure is the same,so
that can't be the problem(?).
The minute the drivers are installed(4.0) win 98 crashes.
It says msgsrv 32.Detail= fatal error in the echogals.drv at
After rebooting the message.After accepting the error the windows
screen stays empty.Even ctrl alt del won't work.
Have to go to the protected mode to reinstall the drivers.Rebooting
and windows works ok.So i have to install 3.05. to work with the gina.
Driverversion 3.08 installs but cubase does not recognize it.But
3.08 is not inportant any more because where is 4.0.
Is there anyone who can help??

Ronald Feddema

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