I dunno fellas and ladies.  I think it's a bad bad bad idea to upgrade to
driver 4x from Event.  While reading posts at
http://www.egroups.com/list/cubase/ of difficulties associtaed with 4x and
VST 3.6x  

I for one am sticking with 307 (or was it 306, whatever came before 308)
and advise all not to go 4x.  Hey I want ASIO as much as any other VST
user, but not at the expense of not being able to work.  

Actually Driver 4 series is almost the same old story as any other upgrade
in it has trouble assimilating from what used to be.  I think, however 4x
from Event is seriously not ready to go in many ways esp for 24bit work.  i
suggest extreme caution with this thing.  if you have it working, great but
if you are considering upping... well i wouldn't and won't until 5x comes out.

-john pemble

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