Well, I haven't had the total failure expected by other members of this
list when it comes to the 4.0.1 driver under Cubase 3.553. But I have had some
pretty strange stuff going on. Last night I was fooling around with monitoring
some effects so my daughter could play with her voice and I decided to record
it for a while. A few minutes later, she came downstairs and said 'Daddy your
computer crashed.' And sure enough, Cubase had bought the farm.

After a reboot, I was able to work on a song all evening without a single
crash. There were some clicks and pops happening when I had my latency at
25ms, so I set it to 71ms (3K buffers). That was fine. Responsive enough
to make mixer automation easier. So, then I decided to take a mixdown and
make an MP3 out of it, and I found that there was a small glitch in the 
mixdown wave file at the very beginning. I'd never gotten one of those
before. Several discontinuous samples making a clear popping sound during
a quiet part of the song. So I'm inclined to blame that on the 4.0.1 drivers,
but I'm not entirely sure. I just smoothed out the pop, and it sounded alright
afterwards. I just need the MP3 for listening to and sending around to my
music 'tasters'. :)

So what have I learned to avoid:

  - Don't use really small latency buffer sizes yet.
  - Don't do a lot of monitoring effects while recording
    at the same time.
  - Save often.

But on the whole it's good enough for little, non-professional me.

I've always lived on the bleeding edge though. I haven't blown anything
up yet. :)


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