> With Cool Edit Pro on my Layla, I have been using some Waves Plug-ins that I
> understood to be direct-x.  Maybe I don't understand.

Well, my understanding is that there are two parts to DirectX. The first part
which is used by the audio plugins, which used to be called ActiveMovie, but
is now called DirectMedia, is a sound processing system. The other part, which
is called DirectSound, is actually a layer on top of the sound card drivers
which allows multiple programs to mix audio to a soundcard, and it allows
multiple programs to send audio to the same card. As far as I know it doesn't
allow sampling to be done. So you can play wave files from more than one app
to the same soundcard, but you can use that soundcard for sampling yet.

I believe DirectX is microsoft's way of forcing all soundcard manufacturers
to do extra work to provide drivers for their hardware. Both a good and a bad
thing. The idea behind DirectSound is it is supposed to be a faster way to
send sound to a DirectX capable sound card with less latency. It is gaining
much wider software support, and Event would be silly to delay too much longer
given the market they are missing.

I've talked to Event about onboard DSP effects, and I have been given no
information about when or if it will be available.


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