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>With Cool Edit Pro on my Layla, I have been using some Waves Plug-ins that I
>understood to be direct-x.  Maybe I don't understand.
>Would direct-x drivers on the layla/gina allow more real-time manipulation?

yes it does.  the hardware 'layla' isn't the thing that needs to be direct
x at this stage since the host program for your audio in this case is Cool
Edit Pro will operate the Waves Plug in by using direct x as a translator.
So CEP needs to be direct x compatiable in this case, not Layla.

I use the Waves Native Power Pack I right now with Cubase VST 3.6 and
Wavelab 2.02 by Steinberg.   Gina is the soundcard doing the audio for
these host programs.  I haven't used Cool Edit Pro at all, but someday I'll
open it up seeing that I got it with Gina almost a year ago.

>Does anyone know if Event is planning on writing code for more dsp on the
>chip or using the ram sockets?
>Fred Towne
>Having Fun With My Music

Well at this point, I find no need for DSP chips in the immediate future of
lightspeed computers.  The processors will take care of all DSP functions,
if we live in an ideal world or so I think anyway.

-john pemble

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