At 07:51 29/03/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Oh, I'm sure we're all still out there. I've been mainly 100% happy
>with my Gina, and haven't had any real problems to speak of.

        Maybe the same reason applies for me! :) The card is working
perfectly! :) 

>The only problem that I have is that I wish Event would release the
>specifications for the card so that drivers could be written for other
>operating systems.
>But I think I'm dreaming, since Event doesn't seem able to write
>DirectX drivers.

        Well, I would like to have a DirectX (real, not 'emulated')
BTW I'm having a little problem with Cubase VST 3.65, looks like
you cant edit an audio file because when you call an external
editor (Wavelab) it says 'Gina 1/2 output is in use by another application'

        Uncheck the 'play in background' doesn't help, I don't know
if its related to the drivers (4.0.5) or is it a well known VST problem :)

        Anyway I'm lucky enough to have a second soundcard (SBLive!)
so I've configured Wavelab to use the SBLive (wich I didn't let VST even know
that exists in terms of audio :) Anyway the MIDI sync between both cards
is excellent just doing single tweaks in the ASIO control panel (you must
set a delay in MIDI according to the buffer size as stated in the readme for
4.0.5 drivers :) 

        BTW, there is some email from Event to let know what (the users :)
want to see implemented on their new drivers? I remember once that you have
to register with them but since I'm not in the USA that is impossible to do.

>Oh, now I sound negative, but I'm really not.

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