Hi Gustavo,

>       Well, I would like to have a DirectX (real, not 'emulated')
> BTW I'm having a little problem with Cubase VST 3.65, looks like
> you cant edit an audio file because when you call an external
> editor (Wavelab) it says 'Gina 1/2 output is in use by another application'

Yes, I have also had the same problem. I have found that even setting
'Disable Audio' does not work. I think it has to do with the ASIO
drivers directly accessing the card. Using an external editor is a
problem, for sure.

>       Anyway I'm lucky enough to have a second soundcard (SBLive!)

I also have a second soundcard, a SB32, which does me just fine. I
have also resorted to using the SB as output in my wave editors. I
mainly use CoolEdit.

>       BTW, there is some email from Event to let know what (the users :)
> want to see implemented on their new drivers? I remember once that you have
> to register with them but since I'm not in the USA that is impossible to do.

Maybe I should write to Event and have their people subscribe to this
list. :) Or, have this list subscribed to theirs.


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