I too am interested in people's opinions of the 4.05 driver. I initially
tried Event's early ASIO driver, and was unhappy with the crashes and
screeches, but I presume these have been ironed out (I still use 3.08). My
main concern however was that I could not use Wavelab from Cubase VST
because WL did not use ASIO drivers. I wonder if anyone could help me with
a couple of questions:

1) What, if any, is the solution to the problem of trying to open an audio
file from VST to edit 'externally' in WL or SF? Can I 'switch off' the ASIO
driver in VST when I go to edit a wav file, or will this cause havoc with
Audio System settings?

2) What is the advantage of the ASIO driver? (I guess what I am asking
about is latency...I don't have any problem with monitoring delays when
recording currently-presumably because I monitor from the desk-- so could
someone briefly explain the benefits of reduced latency). Will it improve
things like audio to MIDI delay or audio to audio delay (ie. recording
audio from one to another audio track)? 

Many thanks in advance, Matthew.

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