> I have a question about the latency with the gina
> and cubase vst/24.
> I ran the asio drivers and have a latency of 25 ms.
> Can the latency ,while recording,be reduced to o ms?
> I think that the 25 ms will ruin the timing of a song.Does
> this maen that a have to correct the 25 ms manual by pulling
> the track 25 ms forward?Is their a way so i know that i corrected
> 25 ms exactly?

Okay, here's my experience with that. Yesterday as I was recording
some guitar, I used the VST monitors so I could hear the effect the
guitar would have while I was recording. At first I had my buffers set
to 4K, and the latency was so high I couldn't keep time with the other
tracks. Setting the latency to 25ms (actually I was recording at 48KHz
so the atency was 23ms), I was able to keep better time, but it was
difficult. Here's the remedy:

- Don't use VST to monitor the input while recording.
- Use GINA's monitor line to monitor. It's got really low latency.
- Cubase records the track at the time it should be, you don't have to
  be doing any dragging around.

But, you can do some pretty wacky things with the input monitors in
VST... put a whole bunch of effects on the sound, monitor it, and then
record with the monitor on... playing to the effect. With 25ms
latency, it's almost like having an FX rack. ASIO is the only thing
making that possible, I would say.


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