>> and cubase vst/24.

>some guitar, I used the VST monitors so I could hear the effect the

>- Don't use VST to monitor the input while recording.

>VST... put a whole bunch of effects on the sound, monitor it, and then

While this is certainly a Gina list, I would like to pose some more
straight ahead questions about cubase vst since as noted in the above
recent snips from this listserve a few of us are using cubase quite
actively.  so this is totally a vst question as presently i have not a
whole lot to talk about with gina since she works just fine and i
understand her pretty well.

OK, got that disclaimer out of the way.

This is a VST automation/FX thing that's been buggin me with VST 3.6 r1 and
vst 3.65
When I automate my tracks and apply an effect like Waves Q6 (yes a bit of a
power drain when  using direct x waves plugs) everything sounds like it
should with the exception of when i move the levels around abit. i get some
poping noise as the processor (a mere 166mmx with 64 ram to help out) can't
keep up with everything seemlessly.  now i expect that and understand why
that happens. what i don't like is what happens next.  when i got to the
save the cubase song as a mixdown file (including automation ane effects),
upon playing the file back in a stereo  editor (wavelab actually) those
pops i heard when laying the automation down from the processor not being
able to hack it from doing all the operations in real time appear in the
MIXDOWN file.  

Now  this bugs me because the same thing happpened when i applied a cubase
EQ instead of a direct x plug in.  inthe damn mixdown those clicks
shouldn't appear or at least i wouldn't assume so because the computer
isn't doing it in real time, rather it's processing all the actions i asked
it to do and the limitations of the processor only make that process
slower, but the final product should sound clean.  when i am doing
automation for like 18 tracks i get those clicks when i write the
automation cause of the processor limitations, but when i listen to the
save as mixdown stereo file i don't hear those clicks then.

so the question i have is, do any of you know  a work around to this
problems, such as do i have something checked in cubase that would help
this clicking problem in my fx mixdowns?

you wouldn't think this would happen, but it is man.

-john pemble

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