>so the question i have is, do any of you know  a work around to this
>problems, such as do i have something checked in cubase that would help
>this clicking problem in my fx mixdowns?

I'm not sure if I have any solutions, but I've had similar troubles. When I was
working on my last song, I put a ton of mixer automation in, and I was hearing
very tiny clicks as I was watching all the bars moving up and down, so I closed
the Monitors. They seemed to go away. This might suggest the video refresh rate
is causing interrupt problems. One of the suggested remedies is to go into your
Windows Computer options (right click on 'My Computer', and go to Properties.)
Then go to the Performance tab, then click the 'Graphics' button. Turn the
Hardware Acceleration down to 'none'.

I had decent results running in 256 color mode, with no acceleration when I was
running with a PCI Video Card. I haven't had to do much since I went to AGP.

You might also check the really obvious stuff, like making sure none of your
levels are clipping, and that Gina is not set to the top on it's output slider.
I find lowering it to the first notch down, or lower, keeps VST from clipping
when it shouldn't.

Hope any of this helps at all.


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