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Date: maandag 5 april 1999 14:12
Subject: Re: [gina-users] latency

>Okay, here's my experience with that. Yesterday as I was recording
>some guitar, I used the VST monitors so I could hear the effect the
>guitar would have while I was recording. At first I had my buffers set
>to 4K, and the latency was so high I couldn't keep time with the other
>tracks. Setting the latency to 25ms (actually I was recording at 48KHz
>so the atency was 23ms), I was able to keep better time, but it was
>difficult. Here's the remedy:

When i mute the gina input on the gina mixer,i can't get any input
in cubase.In vst the monitor(unther system) is set to tape type.
So how will i get input in vst if i mute the gina?
An other problem i have is looping back the sound while monitoring.
I the old version(3.05) i set monitoring off ,in my computer,games etc.
The only way i can do this now,is disconnect the patchcables(hardware).

About the crackling while create a mix down:
In the old cubase version a had this problem sometimes.I was also
working on a old pentium those days.The sound was also changing
a little bit,like less headroom.
Fortunately this problem is over for me.

>- Don't use VST to monitor the input while recording.
>- Use GINA's monitor line to monitor. It's got really low latency.
>- Cubase records the track at the time it should be, you don't have to
>  be doing any dragging around.
>But, you can do some pretty wacky things with the input monitors in
>VST... put a whole bunch of effects on the sound, monitor it, and then
>record with the monitor on... playing to the effect. With 25ms
>latency, it's almost like having an FX rack. ASIO is the only thing
>making that possible, I would say.
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