> I have been unable to get the s/pdif inputs on my Gina card to work. I am
> trying to record from the digital outs of my S2000. I get no reading on the
> digital VUs in the Gina mixer or in any audio app. I have tried changing
> settings everywhere from cpanel to the audio apps. I notice the s/pdif
> 'button' on the Gina mixer applet is inactive. I am sure this was working
> once before when I recorded into the Gina from a DAT.

Do you mean you can only select 'internal'? That would seem to suggest that, 
for some reason, the Gina isn't getting a S/PDIF signal. I regularly use my 
Gina to record the digital out of my S2800, and have never had a problem like 
this (fortunately). Without knowing your setup it's difficult to suggest what 
might be wrong. Are you using a proper digital cable to get the signal from the 
sampler to the card? (Even if you aren't, it would surprise me if this was the 
cause of your problem, as normal phono leads have always worked in my 
experience.) Are there some settings that need changing on the S2000 (eg from 
AES/EBU to S/PDIF)? Have you checked this out with another digital recorder?


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