I thought I'd forward this to the mailing list, since it sounds very
much like an IRQ conflict to me. I also had a similar problem, and had
to do an in-depth analysys of which IRQs I was using and found out that
I had an IDE port on my old Soundblaster card that was still Active in
the system and would cause the lockups because it and Gina wanted to use
the same IRQ.

But since you've had it working in the past, what have you changed?
Maybe your drivers have changed the IRQ that the plug-n-play manager had
assigned to things? What would be beneficial is to go through all of
your driver settings and make sure there are no conflicts. Personally I
am able to run in Cubase 3.7 with the 4.05 Gina drivers and I have
absolutely no problems, and I think I have all of my IRQs used up (my
box is full of hardware too).

So I doubt it's a Gina driver/ASIO/Cubase problem. It's more likely the
old IRQ conflict happening. Anyone else have any ideas?


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  • From: Neal Sanche
  • Subject: Re: [gina-users] Gina locks up system
  • Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 23:24:35 -0400
Hi Neal,
Really like the support that you are giving to all us GINA users out here....
I have a similar problem to the message above - when I run VST I get 1 second to 5 minutes of use then the whole system locks solid. I have been using VST and GINA dor about 18 months and so far have had only the usual frustrating but solvable problems.
This has started to happen since I downloaded the latest ASIO drivers and Cunase VST 3.7
I also have a hell of a lot of other shit plugged into my machine (Video cards, Soundblaster 64, Modem, Scanner, Printer, Fax, Psion etc) so if you have heard if Trish (the originater of the message about this problem in the fist place) has got het system fixed I would be extremely obliged to you (I have Emailed Steinberg and Event Tech. Support over a week ago but as yet have recieved no reply)
Keep up the good work, we all really appreciate it
If anyone else knows how to fix this E-mail me on [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Richard Abbott

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