I went to www.echoaudio.com yesterday & DLd the new ver. 5 drivers (ASIO 2,
Directsound, bugfixes). They installed fine, but I haven't yet done
extensive testing. The website promises drivers for NT, Win2K & BeOS, so
things look hopeful.


>Hi All,
>Well, I guess Event has given up trying to market the GINA/DARLA/LAYLA
>line. They say on their web page that they'll be releasing new drivers
>Echo writes new ones. I'll believe it when I see it.
>I hope that Echo realizes the opportunity to give us first class support
>that so many of these cards are out there in the world.
>I've written to Event asking for an email address of someone at Echo who
>be interested in releasing technical specifications to the public domain...
>at least to the Linux community (since I'm still interested in the card
>supported under Linux -- which may be a pipe dream, who knows.
>At least we have each other. :)
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