Don't know if it's just me, bad luck, or a real conflict.  Placed Office
2000 pro on computer and could not get Gina to play back from the digital
output. This was with 405 or whatever driver was the most recent before 5.0
 So then I put on 5.0, same problem.  It shows up on the Gina console with
modulation coming out of the graphics for spdif out but not lockinng up to
the digital device.  Tried all kinds of things, rebooting, resetting sound
properties you know all that.  So I took Office 2000 off and things are
great again.

I think Office 2000 is the dumbest upgrade I've ever seen.  It takes
forever to load on your computer and when you boot sometimes it optimized
your Office files.  What is up with that?  NO program should do that upon
booting... I'm talking about after several boots from the initiall
installation.  That program is cetainly messing with something more than it
should.  I'm taking my Office 2000 back for a refund and going back to 97.
What junk.

-john pemble

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