Hey all,

Well, I have also been trying to get the 5.00.0 driver set to work properly
and have also reverted back to 4.05. I use Cubase VST 3.7 and with the 5.00.0
drivers installed I get around five minutes of work done and my machine will
lock up solid. With 4.05 I am able to run for a number of hours before I use
an ill behaved DirectX plugin and crash my system. Usually I remember to save
whenever things sound good, but with the 5.00.0 drivers I would never get that

I have written to Echo about my problems, and have received no responses
so far. I know the email address of the product manager, so I might have to
escalate this a little. They really shouldn't have released without proper
testing. Maybe we should become their beta testing group.



> I installed the 5.00 GINA drivers, too and my WinAmp skips like crazy. MP3's are
> are very big part of my band, so I installed the 4.05 drivers again until they
> can come up with an update to fix it.
> Why can't they ever get this stuff right? Did they finally get direct sound to
> work, or is that still screwed up, too?
> >         I'm the only one with sync problems in 5.00 www.echoaudio.com
> > drivers for GINA? WinAMP skips entire parts of a song with this drivers.

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