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>>I think Office 2000 is the dumbest upgrade I've ever seen.  It takes
>>forever to load on your computer and when you boot sometimes it optimized
>>your Office files.  What is up with that?
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>FWIW, It's probably a good idea to avoid placing M$ products (other
>than Win9x) on an audio workstation, but if you have only one computer
> (like me), I understand.  If by optimizing you mean Fast Indexing, this
> is usually a shortcut in the startup programs folder and can be deleted...I 
>usually do a custom install and don't install it.  Also drag "OSA" out 

I'll do that.  I did get the damn thing to finally run.  I decided to try
installation of offense 2000 again.  Whether I like it or not shortly
enough I'll be getting Word 2000 documents from other people so I need to
be able to run those things.  I like a WP on the DAW computer to I can flip
back and forth and make notes.  The core of Word 95/97/2000 is a good
program.  does formatting spelling and things you do appreciate vs notepad
or a plain .txt document.

>of startup. If you're running Win98 you can kill the office startup bar, too.
>Try running msconfig and using selective startup...choose the minimal 

I do that even on non DAW computers.  What a pain in the ass that Office
toolbar is.  Totally useless now with the current version of Windows
offering Quick Launch in the bottom.  Of all the MS system additions I like
(very few) that Quick Launch is great.  Just copy the icon of the exe file
and you can start a progam BAM like that.  I have VST, Wavelab, ReBirth and
all that right there so I can just get those programs going rightaway.

>amount of items you need to run your computer.  The fewer background
>processes that you have running, the more resources you'll have free
>for digi audio work :-)
>PS...You're totally right about the upgrade...stupid, overpriced, fluffy BS.

basically i compare the upgrade from win 95 to win 98, a completely
unecessary thing to do only Office 2000 is even more unnecessary than going
from win 95 to win 98.  All this reworking of the op system in Win 2000
better like be a better system.  Unfotunately I'll proabaly have to go with
that too as that will be in the time frame I get my next computer (I buy a
new PC every 2 years).  I don't know about you all but when BeOS gets
driver support from Gina and your DAW software company (steinberg in my
case) I am immediately dumping Microsoft and sending the MS CD-Roms back to
Seattle with shit stains them.  Of course that's my way it may not be yours.

-john (no i don't think i'm kidding either) pemble

KTPR 91.1fm Operations Manager  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
John Pemble has an Internet site,

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