wow, i'm glad i found this list. i just bought a gina card and it seems that
event tech support is totally awol. i'm having trouble even installing the
card. if anyone can help it would be most appreciated. also, if you could
respond to my email below it would be great. it's a little long so ignore it
if you want to. thanks in advance y'all.

my system:
dell xps 600mhz Pentium III (brand new)
windows 98 (latest ver.)
BIOS phoenix 6.0 (i think - i'll double check this)
256mb ram
diamond tnt2 vid card
soundblaster live value
3com 56k voice modem
3com network card
installed with office 2000 and some other typical software.

my problem.

i ran the echo reporter and everything checked out fine. i install the card
in an empty slot and after booting up the machine i install a floppy disk
with the 5.0 drivers on it. the drivers install and right when the card is
about to be initialized - bam - the system hangs up.

i removed the drivers using echodel - switched slots - re-installed. same

i heard that there were problems with compatibility with the 3com modem in
the new dell systems, so i removed it and started again, this time i
installed it into pci slot 1. same thing

i then removed the network card. same thing (i'd been echodel-ing the
drivers each time.)

I really don't want to return this card so i'm going to give it another
shot. If any of you have had similar experinces and have solved them it
would be awesome to hear about.

thanks for listening.


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