Hi Matthew,

> I was thinking that if I had another audio card--and I was thinking of
> buying an SBLive cos they're so cheap--I could use this for editing wavs in
> WL without closing down VST. That is, if I set WL to use the SBLive instead
> of the Gina, then the fact that VST has 'stolen' the Gina with it's ASIO
> drivers would not be an issue, I could just set the Preferences for my
> audio editor to WL and double click on the audio track to edit it in WL.

I am currently running a Gina alongside a SBLive, and it works very much like
you've said. There's some benefit to getting the Digital out working on the
SBLive (even the value has one), so that you can hook it into the GINA's
digital in, and then set the gina mixer to monitor the digital out to the
output you have hooked to your amplifier... then you can listen to both
cards at the same time without switching, or mixing.

Anyway, you set wavelab up to do its output to the SBLive, and things are
great. I've experienced Generator and Reaktor on the SBLive with 15ms latencies
and that works pretty well. So it should be fairly good to play alongside
as an instrument in VST.

I bought the more expensive SBLive with the digital in, out, and midi cables.
I have a pretty interesting way to get realtime effects into VST now:

  - Gina Digital Out to SBLive Digital IN
  - Gina Digital IN to SBLive Digital OUT
  - Fiddle with the Gina panel until I can hear the
    sound the SBLive is generating.
  - Turn on the Gina/SPDIF bus in VST
  - Route a track through the other bus.
  - Voila, you'll start hearing the Environmental
    audio effect from the SBLive.
  - And, then if you want to record the effect onto a
    track, record from the gina SPDIF inputs.

Anyone who wants to hear Reaktor playing through this effect setup, listen
to the song Mysterium at http://www.mp3.com/NoSuchDevice and you'll hear
some really messed up audio, played through the SBLive, and recorded with
the Gina.


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