I have been reluctant to install ASIO drivers for my Gina card, because I
like to switch from VST to Wavelab to edit audio. I was unable to do this
with ASIO drivers installed, and I understand this is due to the fact that
WL does not have ASIO driver support.

I was thinking that if I had another audio card--and I was thinking of
buying an SBLive cos they're so cheap--I could use this for editing wavs in
WL without closing down VST. That is, if I set WL to use the SBLive instead
of the Gina, then the fact that VST has 'stolen' the Gina with it's ASIO
drivers would not be an issue, I could just set the Preferences for my
audio editor to WL and double click on the audio track to edit it in WL.

Is this correct?

Also, I was also hoping to use the SBLive to run softsynths like
Generator/Reaktor alongside VST audio. Has anyone done this successfully?

Of interest I read in an Australian music magazine reviewing VST 4.1 for
Mac that "by the time you read this" that the developers of soft synths
will have adapted them so that they can be used as VST Instruments...I am
still eagerly awaiting this.


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