hello all, i hope you can help - i've just decided to try out my first
out-board/non computer effects with the gina. i got the alesis
nanocompressor and nanoverb, pretty great value for 175 bucks for the pair.
anyway, please tell me i'm doing something really stupid because neither
seems to be working quite right.

for the compressor, i decided to first start by adding a light overall
compression to an already finished song. i ran 2 cables out of gina's 1/2
output into the input of the nanocompressor and plugged my headphones via
y-connector into the output of the nanocompressor. i fired up the song and
tweaked around until i had what i thought sounded like a light overall
mastering-type compression.

i then unplugged the phones and ran two cables out of the nanocompressor
into the 1/2 inputs of gina. my y-connector and phones i put into the 3/4
output of the gina and selected via the gina console to monitor the
compressed output (now the 1/2 inputs). the sound was totally different, it
had this nasty tinny brasso quality to it. i figured i'd make sure my levels
were set ok but they were fine all around. i even lowered them. then i
checked the sound coming out of the compressor again with the phones and
found it was fine.

same thing happened with the reverb unit.

any ideas anyone? thanks for reading this novel!!


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