When sitiing in front of your screen recording with a single coil
guitar you are not really happy with all the noise that is inducted
to your guitar by the monitor screen.

I absolutely hated it. So I got me a Flatscreen (Nokia 800PRO+).

Now all magnetic interference to the guitar pickups is gone.
But a new kind of noise appeared: it's a steady 'beep' around
800-900 Hz. It is about -80dB in volume but it can be clearly

I found out that this annoying tone is generated somewhere in
the new monitor's power supply. When I move the AC inlet of the
monitor's power supply unit to another AC outlet the noise level

My audio system are connected to the safety ground and the computer
is too. The numerous connections between Gina and mixer (via
patchbay) introduce another ground link. That creates a loop.

How can I reduce the interference to a lower level?

How do you care for a low noise floor?

Renee Rober
Wikingerstraße 4
D-24143 Kiel

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