We need to improve the canvas.  Here are some ideas of mine:

- Can we make it so you can grab the side of the canvas and change
it's size (like how resizing windows works)?
- We currently have an "expand" button; we should probably have a
"decrease size" button as well, as there doesn't appear to be any way
to make the canvas smaller (of course, if we can get the above idea
working, it may obsolete this one)
- A box select would be very helpful to move around portions of the
devices at once (i.e. left click and hold to make a box around
devices, and then you can move them all at the same time)
- A "Fit to Screen" button, which would fit the canvas to the size of
the main window (and then "Arrange" would fit the topology to screen
rather than just keep expanding)

I think improvements to the canvas will go along way in increasing
As these aren't essential for the current version and necessarily for
the class, I can create a new branch where we can dump all the canvas
changes so we don't pollute devel/ with (possibly very) unstable

What do you guys think?

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