Sorry.. I misread the original question. 

You need to enter a subnet specification even if the "auto-gen" is turned

With auto-gen, GINI will generate actual IP addresses and MAC addresses
using the

subnet information you provide.


You need to enter a subnet value such as in the properties
tab of

the subnet element. 


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yes, i did and the error is still there?

So, you are saying that as long as I have enabled the auto ip gen

I don't have to enter the subnet manually right?


2008/9/24 Muthucumaru Maheswaran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Did you enable the auto IP/MAC generation?

You can do this by going to the "config" menu option and selecting the

"Toggle IP/MAC Auto-gen" option.

After doing this, save the topology and recompile the error should go away.

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Subject: [gini] Configuring the mask of an interface


I keep getting the follow error when i try to compile my topology see
The mask of interface 1of UML_1is not valid

may i know how can I configure the mask of an interface?

Kelvin Poon

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