While working on the assignment, I had two problems:

Firstly, in the beginning of the setup, even though I had the auto generate 
IP/Mac selected, the IP's were not assigned after compilation. After a bit of a 
search I found out that this was related to the "toggle auto-routing" which was 
disabled at that point. Enabling it and then compiling gave me all the IPs and 
Macs required, however, I was not able to fill in the routing table, which were 
auto-filled. Can I work around this?

Secondly, after a successful setup of the configuration, I could not create a 
ssh connection between UMLs. When I type sshd in one of the UMLs it says that 
"sshd re-execution requires absolute path". Could you explain this?

Thank you,
Arin Soyen
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