In the first part of the step 6 we have "Generate a TCP SYN packet flood from 
host A towards host D and spoof the source address of the flooding packets to 
host I" which means from host A we have to execute the command:

"> hping2 -a host_I_IP -S host_D_IP"

This is all OK until the second part of the step in which we are told to 
"Increase the number of reflectors for the above attack to host I while 
keeping.." which does not make sense to me and for which there is no command.

Maybe the first part should say "...towards host I with the spoofed address of 
host D", because we can execute:

"> hping2 -a host_D_IP -a host_E_IP -S host_I_IP"

which increments the number of spoofed addresses attacking I.Is this what is 
meant by the first and second parts?

Thank you,

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