if you want to set the SYN bit to 1, please use

hping2 <router_ip_address> -s 8000 -p 8000 --syn

if you want to set the ACK bit to 1, please use

hping2 <router_ip_address> -s 8000 -p 8000 --ack

and so on..you should be able to combine them to set more than one flag bits as needed.

On 17-Nov-08, at 11:57 PM, Imad Gharazeddine | McGill wrote:

hping2 <router_ip_address> -s 8000 -p 8000

sends TCP packets to the router from port 8000 to port 8000. However these TCP packets have their control bits set to zero by default.

In the lecture notes, connection establishment requires that the SYN control bit be set when a connection is being requested. I am able to successfully start a connection between 2 routers, but how can we test the connection establishment between a UML and a Router?

In other words, how can we mimic the SYN=1 bit setting using hping2 or any other tool??


-- Imad

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