This site has a nice example of a TCP session.

My question is: If after the SYN, SYN-ACK, and ACK (handshaking) the first
host ( was the one doing *ALL* the data sending alone, what
would the example look like in terms of SEQ and ACK numbers?

I'm not concerned with WINDOWs at this point.


1. What do the SEQUENCE_NUMBER and ACK_NUMBER fields hold when one host ( is doing all the sending, and the other is just

2. Does the second host ( reply to each datagram with an ACK?
If not, how will the first host know that a packet has been lost/corrupt
without ACK signals from 2nd host back to 1st host? If there is an ACK reply
for each TCP datagram sent, what does it look like?

3. Assuming again that host 1 is doing all the sending, what will the FIN
packet at the end look like in terms of sequence and acknowlegement numbers?


-- Imad
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