you need to setup a default route to overcome the "No such device" error.

Please see


the sender.c and listener.c are already on the UML.

please see under the folder chap9. the full path of the files are

given on the handout.




Of kelvin poon
Sent: December-03-08 3:22 PM
Subject: [gini] Deploying and running sender.c and listening.c


Hi Professor,

I have 2 questions for you

1) I got an error running listener.c , could you help me to take a look at

-bash-3.2# gcc listener.c -o listener
-bash-3.2# ./listener 
setsockopt: No such device

2) Is there a easy way of deploying the executable of sender.c and
listener.c onto the UML's
currently, i simply copy and paste the code into a text editor e.g. pico on
the UML and compile it from there, which is not efficient

Thank you

Kelvin Poon

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