We have the behavior that the prior hosts do not send any subsequent IGMP 
reports, and even the UML to send the report the latest stops after the second 
time. This makes it impossible to detect if the hosts still want to be members 
of the group or not. Maybe I can show this to you or the professor, if possible.

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>From the assignment:

"hosts can detect prior reports for the same group and cancel
their own next scheduled IGMP report generation."

So it seems to be the correct behavior.


On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 6:59 PM, Arin Soyen <arin.so...@mail.mcgill.ca> wrote:
> Hello,
> When we have multiple listeners behind a switch and when they try to 
> simultaneously send IGMP reports the switch seems to block the reports except 
> for the last UML. For example, if we have UML 1 and UML 2 behind a switch, if 
> first 1 starts sending and then 2 starts sending, the switch only sends those 
> reports from 2 to the destined router. This does not happen when we separate 
> the subnets and not use a switch but that defeats the purpose of the 
> assignment. Is this a bug?
> Thanks,
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