Hi Prasad,

I am delighted to see that you have started working on GINI.
I can definitely help you. We are working on the GINI interface and a new
version will be out end of this summer.

I assume your topology has two machines and a router?
Where are starting the pings from? One machine to another machine?

Does the pings work? I mean do you get the reply packets for the ping?
In GINI, you have two places where you can add your protocols: machines
and routers. The machines are user-mode Linuxes. Therefore, adding protocols
to the machines are complicated. The routers are simple devices with about 
6000 lines
of C code. What kind of protocols do you have in mind?

Could you let me know the protocol development plan you have. Then I can
provide you with better advise.

In the mean time, I will send you some documentation in a follow up email.


From: "Prasad Lodha" <lodha...@student.uwa.edu.au>
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2009 3:52 AM
To: <mahes...@cs.mcgill.ca>
Subject: GINI Ad-hoc protocols support (UWA, Australia)

> Respected Sir,
>              My name is Prasad Lodha (Student ID: 20397725). I am 
> pursuing Master of Computer Science at University of Western  Australia. I 
> have started with my thesis this semester. My supervisor  is Prof. Chris 
> McDonald. The topic for my thesis is "Implementation of  ad-hoc protocols 
> in GINI". My supervisor had attended the seminar of  GINI and had a talk 
> with the authors of GINI for the implementation of  ad-hoc protocols in 
>             I have installed GINI on my local machine and it works  fine. 
> It is a very good piece of software to study computer networks  with easy 
> GUI. But the problem is i am not familiar with GINI. When I  saw the GINI 
> video and created the same topology and try to use ping  command the ping 
> session never finished. So i had to forcefully stop  it using Ctrl + Z. I 
> don't no whats wrong ... or is it the  installation problem... missing 
> some package... no idea about it.  Also, how to write our own protocols, 
> topology files in GINI and how  to implement it from scratch. I dont have 
> any documentation of GINI  and din't find  it on web as well.
>             Please help me to proceed further with GINI as I am a  newbie 
> in GINI. If possible please send me useful document to start  with GINI 
> (e.g how to write protocols in GINI).
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Prasad Lodha
> UWA, Australia.
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