Hi GINI group,
              My name is Prasad Lodha (Student ID: 20397725). I am  
pursuing Master of Computer Science at University of Western   
Australia. I have started with my thesis this semester. My supervisor   
is Prof. Chris McDonald. The topic for my thesis is "Implementation of  
  ad-hoc protocols in GINI". My supervisor had attended the seminar of  
GINI and had a talk with the authors of GINI for the implementation of  
  ad-hoc protocols in GINI.
             I have installed GINI on my local machine and it works   
fine. It is a very good piece of software to study computer networks   
with easy GUI. But the problem is that I am not familiar with GINI.  
When I saw the GINI video and created the same topology and try to use  
ping  command the ping session never finished. So i had to forcefully  
stop it using Ctrl+Z. I don't no whats wrong ... or is it the   
installation problem...missing some package... no idea about it.  
Please forward any suggestions for that ..
             Also, how to write our own protocols,topology files in  
GINI and how  to implement it from scratch. I dont have any  
documentation of GINI  and din't find  it on website as well.Please  
help me to proceed further with GINI as I am a  newbie in GINI. If  
possible please send me useful document to start  with GINI (e.g how  
to write protocols in GINI). How to write a Hello world program and  
compile it using GINI. Also how to use inbuilt functions of GINI in my  
protocol. Can you send me few examples of creating protocols and  
topologies in GINI for me to start off with. I have got few pdf files  
from Prof.Muthucumaru which helped me to understand the framework of  
GINI but need some more documentation.
              Well I have to implement the AODV ad-hoc routing  
protocol in GINI. I have designed the structure of the protocol using  
C with data type, structures the header file etc but dont know how to  
run that file in GINI.
              Please help me to proceed further.
Thank you.

Prasad Lodha
UWA, Australia.

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