Thanks. We will try to integrate it into gRouter in the next release I will
do over the weekend.

I assume the virtual machines worked without any problems on x64. 

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While trying to do part 2 of the assignment for COMP535 on my home computer, I 
found out that grouter segfaults on 64-bit machines. The problem is that 
pthread_t is typedef'd to unsigned long int which is
64 bits on 64-bit platforms, but grouter stores its thread ids in 32-bit ints. 
The attached patch fixes it for me; grouter still segfaults while exiting 
(there's a problem with raise(SIGUSR1) in
cli.c) but at least it doesn't stop me from completing the assignment.

The patch is against latest devel branch.


Samuel Cormier-Iijima <>

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