Is there any way to have the UMLs save the route information, and perhaps the 
sysctl IGMP settings (i.e. forced v1)?

Do we have to type them in manually each time we have to test?


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Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 6:33 PM
Subject: [gini] getting multicast listener to work on UMLs

Here's a message from last year's mailing list which you may find
useful to avoid the "setsockopt: no such device" error when running

please do

route -n

on the UML from where you were running the listener. you might notice that
does not have any routes to handle the class D address that is being opened
by the
listener.c program.

run the following command to add a default route pointing to the default
for that particular machine.

route add default gw nearest_router's_IP_address

run the
route -n
command and make sure that you have a default route installed.
listener should work now.
also, as handout pointed out.. please change the IGMP version as well.
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