As for hping2, I do not know, but the router is receiving the packet (you can 
probably verify this with wireshark, though it is being dropped at some level.  
You will probably see printed messages on the router saying packet dropped (if 
you don't, use verbose levels), with the function name where it is being 
dropped.  Use this function name to find out where it is being dropped, and 
place your own conditions to accept these packets.  As for the code, it is 
already on the UMLs in ~/gini_book/chpt9/multicast.  Also, Alex sent an email 
about this a while back, but you have to do:

route add default gw nearest_router's_IP_address (make sure you use the right 
interface address)

from the UMLs before you send to the router.

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Can I use hping2 to send a multicast UDP msg?
When I tried the command from UML, I always had 'Network is unreachable'. And 
it seemed that the UDP packet didn't get to grouter at all. I added printout in 
IPIncomingPacket() funcation within ip.c, but didn't get anything. Could you 
explain why?

Also, what's the easiest way to save/copy sender.c and listener.c to UML?

Ou Ya

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